List of Donors and links
As token of gratitude for our donors we would like to place a link to their website or
mention them, if they give us permission to do so. Thank you for your support and the
trust you placed in us
Regular Donors
Stichting Halin
Sponsors and cooperating parties
Johanna Foundation
Bona Bali Orphanage
Activities on Bali
Activities in the Netherlands
Financial support
14 children in Bona

Upstart Learn/workproject for 
Balinese youngsters
Recruitment of donors and

Setting PR program

Sales Balinese statues and
items in our Museum
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Mrs. Cynthia Low
Mr. Ben Suzenaar
Mrs Peggy Geenen
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Mrs. Debe Khoury
Mrs. H. Ulveling
Mrs. Römkens-Slangen
Mrs. G. Halmans-Slangen
Mrs. L. Renkens
Mrs. M. de la Combé-Reep
Mrs S. Burlage
Mrs. T. Goubet
Mrs. P. Demmers