By founding on 15 december 2010 the Johanna Foundation  realized Ben the
wish of Johanna.

At the initial stage the foundation focused on individual projects.

As of 2014 the foundation is planning to set up a job training project for Balinese children,
so that they are enabled a successful life after their adolescence.

Besides, it is the aim of de foundation to generate funds from the job training project to
set up the Johanna Bona Bali Orphanage.
The Johanna Foundation was an initiative from
Johanna van Elburg. During her Bali vacations she witnessed
that there was still a lot of poverty in Bali. Affected by the
children's fate whom she met during her vacations, she
supported several children together with her husband. It was
her wish to ever set up an orphanage, thus realizing lasting
support for a number of Bali children.

A dream, however, she did not live to see realized.

Therefore she requested her husband Ben Suzenaar to
establish a foundation to support children from a
disadvantaged background.
Johanna Foundation
Bona Bali Orphanage
Activities on Bali
Activities in the Netherlands
Financial support
12 children in Bona

Upstart Learn/workproject for 
Balinese youngsters
Recruitment of donors and

Setting PR program

Sales Balinese statues and
items in our Museum
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