At the beginning of 2014 the foundation is supporting five children. This number increased
to 7 in 2014. End 2018 support the Johanna Foundation  12 children.

Marketing and Publicity.
In 2014 the foundation started publicize its activities amongst a wider audience.

The Johanna Foundation  will present itself among other things with:
* an internet website (Dutch version realized in 2014, English version 2016)
* mailing to the relations and companies
* Approaching schools for setting up educational projects on small-scale development aid
* Organizing two donor and sponsor dinners

By doing this the Johanna Foundation  aims to find more donors and sponsors to
generate more money in order to fund extra projects
Policy plan
Johanna Foundation
Bona Bali Orphanage
Activities on Bali
Activities in the Netherlands
Financial support
12 children in Bona

Upstart Learn/workproject for 
Balinese youngsters
Recruitment of donors and

Setting PR program

Sales Balinese statues and
items in our Museum
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Since 2014 the Johanna Foundation has found a number of financiers to set up a job
training project in Bona.
But we need more money to realized this project so we search more donors and sponsors
This job training project will ensure that some of the adolescents who are presently being
supported by the foundation, may build a career. The adolescents receive a socially salary,
so that they get a wage on which they can live, this in contrast to many Balinese. Moreover,
this project gives also room to the personal development of adolescents.

The financial profits of the company will be used to build and run an orphanage.